African Gold Jewelry Sets

  • Gold jewelry made by the Egyptians is often complimented with the use of three colors specifically turquoise, carnelian and lapis lazuli.
  • The oldest African jewelry ever discovered was found in the Blombos cave in South Africa in 2004. The pea-sized mollusk shell beads are believed to be more than 75,000 years old.
  • Cowrie shells were also used in Ancient African jewelry. Its shape often symbolizes female fertility.
  • Several archaeologists have discovered beads and beaded necklaces in the tombs of Ancient African chiefs and kings. It is believed that wearing and owning old African bead or jewelry can give luck, wisdom, hope and a good sense of well-being to the owner.
  • African jewelry has also been used by slaves to trade in exchange for food and clothing.
  • The Fulani people of Africa are widely known for its exquisite crafting of gold jewelry. Normally, their earrings are made of gold that can be up to five inches long.
  • The Fulani women also made use of gold earrings to display the ranking of their family in terms of wealth. In short, the bigger the rings were, the richer the family was.
  • Jewelry was also used to determine the marital status of the individual which was of immense significance in the society.
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